The Sweetness of Sugarcane and Plantains


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The history and development of Puerto Rican cuisine began with the Taíno Indians, the natives Columbus found at discovery, but it was the African slaves who influenced the Puerto Rican kitchen greatly introducing the use of the very popular today: plantain, and their favorite method of cooking, frying.

In this culinary and historical tour you will be able to enjoy a panoramic drive outside of San Juan to the Municipality of Manati to learn about the history of sugarcane and taste the flavors of one of the most traditional staples of Puerto Rico.

Your culinary experience includes some of the most delicious fritters made out of plantains:

Alcapurrias- is a type of savory Puerto Rican fritter. Although usually consisting mainly of grated green bananas and yautias, they also contain plantains. The masa (dough) is used to encase a filling of ground meat (picadillo).

Piononos- a popular Caribbean dish which originated here in Puerto Rico, composed of sweet plantains forming a ring stuffed with seasoned ground beef, with and egg and flour mixture covering both open sides of the ring.

Tostones -are fried plantain patties, seasoned with salt and often served as the everyday Puerto Rican side dish!

To complete your Puerto Rican gastronomic traditions we invite you to have a cold Medalla beer with these tasty fritters!

 After this wonderful culinary experience we will take a 5 minute drive for a walk to remember and follow the historical trajectory of Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve in Manti, one of Puerto Rico’s most prosperous sugar plantations during the 19th Century. A unique historical site, visit the sugar mill and its 1861 west point foundry steam engine and learn how sugarcane was cultivated and transported all around the island mostly on coastal towns from late 19th century through the 1960s.  Also learn how the Puerto Rican “Jibaro” worked the land to support his family from sunrise to sunset.  Be part of our culture and join us in a day of history, eating and drinking at the Island of Enchantment!


  • This tour operates from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Thursdays to Sundays
  • Tour includes round trip transportation, entrance to Hacienda La Esperanza, gastronomic experience tasting one of each of the above fritters and 2 Medalla beers.
  • Beers can be substituted by natural tropical fruit juices or bottled water.
  • Guest must be able to walk for approximately between an hour and an hour and a half. This time is mostly standing and walking through the Hacienda.
  • Bring bottle of water.
  • Please wear light, comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • We recommend having a good breakfast before tour.
  • For private groups of 4 or more.


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