Artisanal Cheese Making


Artisanal Cheese Making with Exotic Fruits and Wine Pairing

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The workshop

Meet the makers of Puerto Rico’s first line of aged raw milk cheeses…..As founder and operator of Quesos Vaca Negra (Black Cow Cheeses), Rosa, along with her partner Wanda, have broken the Puerto Rican cheese making mold.  Their five varieties of cheese can be found in supermarkets across the island, right next to imported Gouda and Manchego…

This Cheese making experience workshop will expose participants to the enjoyment of the actual process as well as the history of cheese.   Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and walking distance from the piers of Old San Juan, their studio sits in a 300 year old colonial San Juan home, a perfect setting to transport you back in time. With an emphasis in artisanal cheeses, topics shared will include understanding basic cheese production techniques, milks (sheep, cow, goat, and buffalo), small-scale cheese production, fresh versus aged cheeses, cheese typology, the basics of affinage, as well as wine and cheese pairing and serving a cheese course at home.

Students will learn to make in a small scale the most popular variety of Puerto Rican fresh cheese, white cheeses with names like “Queso Blanco”, “Panela”, “Queso Fresco”, “and Queso Del Pais” and pair them with the perfect wine. Learn to do cheeses with exotic seasonal Caribbean fruits like mango, papaya and coconut or spice them up with cinnamon, honey, or Puerto Rican fresh herbs. The final product: your very own hand cheese packed in a carrying pouch to enjoy back in the hotel.
The workshop is approximately 2 hours.  After the workshop you will be able to enjoy a leisurely time shopping or visiting the Old San Juan Forts as you will be walking distance to mayor Old San Juan historical sites. 

Included in your workshop:

  • Selection of breads, crackers and nuts
  • Vaca Negra cheese variety for tasting
  • Delicious exotic Caribbean fresh fruits
  • 2 glasses of wine per person
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