Meet the Taino Indian

Taino Indian

Botanical Gardens and native gastronomical experience

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Puerto Rico is rich in history and culture. It also has a perfect climate to grow some of the prettiest flowers and plants imaginable. Renamed after a much loved mayor, The William Miranda Marin Botanical and Cultural Garden offers a must see natural museum not to be missed.

In the city of Caguas, located about 45 minutes south of San Juan, we will visit  60 acres of ecological site featuring over 30 varieties of trees, plants, tropical fish and beautiful palm trees, all on the grounds of a former sugar mill. The gardens that now decorate the land once home to pre-Colombian Taino Indians is bordered by the Caguitas River were Chief Caguax ruled Taíno Indian communities.  See the collection of Taino artifacts and the Taino Arboretum houses and sculptures of the Taino women working on their “conucos”, also see a ceremonial “Batey” with carved Taino monoliths where they played ball and held their meetings. Enjoy fifty different indigenous tree species and indigenous agricultural plant beds. Breathtaking sculptures in your trails, such as the fourteen foot Samuel Lind sculpture.

Then as we walk through the incredible landscapes you will start to smell the aroma of firewood cooking…follow this aroma and you will arrive to a wooden house where you can volunteer to participate in creating a native Taino dish and under the Taino own cooking methods.  Delicious complete meal and one homemade natural juice and dessert are included. Join us at this unique tour full of herbs and vegetable gardens, fruit trees and lily ponds and taste the flavors of our Taino Indians.

This tour is provided Thursday through Sunday only.


  • Round trip transportation to and from Pier of San Juan
  • Entrance to Botanical Gardens
  • Tour guide
  • Complete meal and gastronomical experience
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