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Did you know that Puerto Rican food is among the most flavorful in the world?  The cuisine of Puerto Rico has its roots in the cooking traditions and practices of Spain, Africa and the Amerindian Taínos.

We invite you and your group to discover the magic of our “cocina criolla” by spicing up your day during this gastronomic experience where you will taste the rich flavors of Puerto Rican Cuisine.

Our meeting point will be the heart of our Old San Juan.  Here, we will get acquainted with a little bit of our history and familiarize with important details of our Puerto Rican culture.  Your guide will walk you through important historical sites like the San Juan Gate, the Princess Pathway and Prison, the Roots Fountain, Museum of Doña Fela, the Rogativa statue, Plaza de Armas, San Juan Cathedral and so much more.

Meanwhile we will also enjoy the unique shopping district these ancient streets provide, our guest will be able to purchase the Puerto Rican coffee, arts and crafts, spices and delicious jams.

Next? The highlight of the tour:  The Mofongo and Mojito culinary demo & dining experience.  You can’t come to Puerto Rico and not try our Mofongo. This is why we have chosen a beautiful local restaurant that has a unique colonial atmosphere to give you the time to appreciate our Latin flavors.   Their staff will welcome you with unique Puerto Rican hors d’oeuvres and their renowned chef will demonstrate how to create the famous mofongo.  The mofongo it’s a must-try for first-time visitors who want to claim to have sampled the local fare and for locals it is just something to keep repeating at any craving time.  Mofongo is a mashed mound of plantains into which a combination of meat, chicken or vegetables is added.  Become a chef for a day and find out how this incredible Puerto Rican meal is made, then, at the end, enjoy the fruits of your own delicious creation! 

Your menu consists of

  • Appetizer
  • House Salad
  • Plantain Mofongo filled with chicken
  • Mojito cocktail
  • Soft drink
  • Delicious dessert

Tour will be provided with a minimum of 6 guest 

Buen Provecho!

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