Rainforest and Native Lunch


Rainforest Nature Walk, Luquillo Kiosks and Beach

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Be delighted to feel the breeze of nature at the only tropical rain forest under the United States National Forest System.  At el Yunque you will find over 240 native tree species, numerous masses of vines, 50 native orchids, epiphytes, giant ferns, and mosses.

We will begin our journey at “el Portal” the visitor’s center with a unique tropical architecture and an elevated walkway that provides a view of the forest from the tree tops. Then, as we walk the beautiful trails we will see “La Coca” water falls  also known as “The Fountain of Youth” by famous Juan Ponce de Leon, and the wonderful view from the “Yocahu” (good God) Observation tower (1575 feet above sea level). End your nature walk with “Caimitillo Trail”, a beautiful 20 minute walk that provides direct contact with nature and gives you a feel of what El Yunque is all about.

For lunch, we will visit a mandatory Puerto Rican foodie stop: The Luquillo kiosks (or kioskos).  These long rows of humble buildings are right along the beach in the town of Luquillo.  The 80 or so food stands will provide you with either a simple snack of our yummy fritters: Bacalaitos (codfish fritters), alcapurrias (made from ground plantain and yautía or green bananas and filled with crab meat or ground beef) or empanadillas or you can eat heartily a full Puerto Rican meal of rice and beans, mofongo, or a red snapper with tostones while sipping the water from a fresh coconut or an iced cold beer.

Finish your day by taking a dip in the turquoise waters of the Luquillo beach and leave your imprint as you walk through the golden sands and live an experience that is uniquely Puerto Rican.

This is a full day tour (lunch not included in fee). Must bring towel, suntan lotion and a change of clothing.

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