Secrets of Espresso


The Secrets of Espresso and Mallorca’s

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Have you ever taken a coffee break in beautiful Old San Juan?  Walk on a wonderful journey where your guide will delight you with interesting information about the first main industry in Puerto Rico, its history here and around the world.  Taste the unique aromatic coffee that is preferred by the Pope in Rome and find out why it was considered the devils drink in the early centuries.  As you walk through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan you will taste coffee in unique forms and products from some of the most popular coffee shops this historical city provides.   Learn about the coffee haciendas out in our mountains and visit different historical venues that distinguish the Old city.  Sip: “cortadito” or “espresso con leche” or take back home a lovely can of Puerto Rican Sangría tea…yummy!

Meet your Barista and let him design you an “El Morro Garita or Sentry box art latte”.

Be introduced to the favorite Puerto Rican pastry: the mouthwatering Mallorca.  Mallorca is delicious sweet bread that Puerto Ricans inhered from our Spanish roots and have married with this delicious drink famous around the world.    It will be an evening to remember, walking through history, enjoying the lovely architecture, sipping coffee or tea and tasting our culture while meeting new friends.

If you are a coffee lover and have a sweet tooth, this is the tour for you!

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